2016 Vandalia Alumni & Friends Foundation Scholarship winners Karlie Bright (l) and Emily Hedgpeth (r) with Vandalia Superintendent Rich Well.  (photo courtesy Vandalia Leader Union)
The Vandalia Alumni and Friends was founded in February of 2007.  The Foundation's mission is to better the academic, cultural and athletic opportunities for the students of Vandalia Community school District #203.  The underlying thought is that the School Board works diligently to offer the students the things that build a solid base of education.  The Foundation seeks to offer those things that can enhance and broaden that base by ingraining our students with a sense of community, family and character.  With the School District and the Foundation combining their efforts, the quality and scope of education offered to our students should improve.  The Vandalia Community Schools Foundation is aligned with the Old Capitol Foundation of the First National Bank of Vandalia which is a 501(c)(3) Organization.  Having its own set of by-laws, plus the rules and regulations of the Old Capitol Foundation Board of Directors.

Vandalia alumni & Friends